Macro Point of View

I dont write as often as I want to..

but it’s okay..

this is to remind me..

when faced with problems.. do take a step back and you will see the bigger picture..

just try to remember what is the purpose of this life..

what will you become when it has ended.. a mere dust..

try to walk among the old, the grey, the wrinkles, and the ones who we think not as luck as we think but might have greater values than us..

try to remember death

try to remember your family.. how lucky you are to have them.. try to remember the moments when you think you don’t deserve them

try to remember that time will never slow downs.. it will never wait for you..

so hurry, hush, wipe that tears of you, and get up again..

the eye of the storm has yet to come.. but you will be just fine 🙂  you have what you need to wither it..




sadly sings

i hav big bu*t and i can not lie

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Comforts from Brushing Teeth

I find that brushing my teeth gives pleasurable moments,

no..  not THAT pleasurable 😀

The feeling that it creates after is very much enjoyable

It gives me the sense of invisibility, it’s like I can do anything that I want

including finish my final paper..

no, it's not my teeth
no, it’s not my teeth

Ha! This is what it’s all about.. I’m sick of doing that wretched final paper of mine..

Let me take a short break and brush my teeth 😀